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Diverse Backgrounds

CyberTalons employs risk management specialists and subject matter experts with experience in assisting clients design, develop and implement Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) strategic plans.

CyberTalons employees have diverse backgrounds and professional experience in security and risk roles, including intelligence operations, law enforcement, compliance risk management, cybersecurity, anti-counterfeiting programs, IP protection programs, and research security management programs.

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Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Our team has extensive experience and expertise in leveraging risk management practices to identify, assess, investigate and mitigate threats to research assets, Intellectual Property (IP), trade secrets, and other types of proprietary information. Our SMEs have backgrounds in government-focused counterintelligence operations and corporate insider threat risk mitigation programs. Our SMEs can also provide strategic advice to assist client organizations design, develop, implement, and manage risk mitigation programs, especially compliance risk management programs.

Insider Threat Management Analysts

Our analysts have the analytical tradecraft, technical and project management skillsets to effectively assist client organizations manage compliance incidents resulting from improper employee behaviors. Our analysts are trained to provide technical and software support to collect and catalog digital evidence, data review, case management support, compliance investigation analysis, and documenting incident management processes.


Our team has extensive investigative experience, conducting over 4,500 insider threat investigations across academic and corporate sectors. Our investigators can provide turnkey investigative services, or can augment the staffing of existing compliance and security investigation teams. Our investigators are experienced in fact-finding techniques, evidence review process, investigation protocols, interviewing and case management documentation and briefings.


Compliance Specialists

Our team includes compliance program experts to provide support to compliance programs. Compliance is the core component of research security management programs and risk management practices, so our experience in this area provides additional resources to our client organizations.


Our team has training specialists and course development experts to provide content for awareness programs that enhance compliance programs, support research grant policy statements, and educate employees, contractors and external partners on security risk issues.




Intellectual Property Protection

Research organizations rely on the value of their intellectual property (IP) to maintain a competitive edge and to fuel future innovations. CyberTalons will work with your organization to catalog and identify risk mitigation strategies that keep your trade secrets out of the hands of malicious outsider threats, including foreign nation threats to intellectual property. We have the skills to help you protect your research pipeline from malicious outsider threats, including hacktivists, false flag collaborations, and foreign nation threats to research data and IP.

Insider Threat Management

Mitigate risks to your intangible and tangible research assets with a robust Insider Threat Management (ITM) program that reduces risks to research data due to intentional and unintentional insider threat behaviors, including improper data transfer and storage methods, non-compliance with NIH-grant funded protocols, and non-disclosure of outside research activities. Our seasoned investigators and compliance officers will work with your organization to design and implement custom ITM protocols that are swift, effective, and discreet. 

Research Security Management

CyberTalons will help your organization safeguard research from both insider and outsider threats with a comprehensive enterprise security risk management (ESRM) program. We have developed innovative solutions for detecting threats early, managing risks, and implementing risk mitigation protocols. Our research security management services include enterprise training solutions, including the ground-breaking Research Security Management Certificate Program that was developed in collaboration with the Texas A&M University System.

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