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Become a leader in research security management

We listened to internal security, legal, compliance, and export control professionals – just like you, to bring subscription-based solutions to improve your research security practices and restore trust in the workplace.

We help guide your research security leadership journey to…


  • Take control of your research security challenges with a proven plan
  • Create a Best-in-Class Research Security and Compliance Program
  • Reduce research security and compliance risks via proactive steps
  • Garner stakeholder respect as a leader in research security
  • Embrace a culture of research security and compliance
  • Achieve peace of mind of having effective risk mitigation established
  • Protect your researchers and staff from coercion and exploitation
  • Gain the trust of your researchers and leverage the “circle of trust”
  • Build value in your research portfolio and achieve revenue growth
  • Contribute to the greater good by thwarting foreign influence threats

Leverage Your Program Bench Strength… DIVERSE BACKGROUNDS

IPTalons™ employs risk management specialists and subject matter experts with experience in assisting clients design, develop and implement Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) strategic plans.

IPTalons™ employees have diverse backgrounds and professional experience in security and risk roles, including intelligence operations, law enforcement, compliance risk management, cybersecurity, anti-counterfeiting programs, IP protection programs, and research security management programs.

National Research Security Management Program Standard

Your subscription will give you access to the best-in-class information, insights, and our proprietary research security toolbox of solutions to propel your program to success! 

Avoid Reputational harm

Trusted insiders can make mistakes with your research assets. Those mistakes can lead to contractual problems with research grant funding agencies and sponsored research partners.

Leverage our subscription platform to find the right solutions to reduce the likelihood and impact of research security and compliance incidents.


IPTalons is a leading provider of Insider Threat Management-as-a-Service (ITMaaS) solutions to assist organizations of all sizes identify, assess, investigate and mitigate risks associated with the misuse, loss, theft, and misappropriation of research data, trade secrets, Intellectual Property (IP), and other proprietary information.

IPTalons provides full-service analytical support, incident management services, investigative support services, and ITM program design and implementation planning to assist academic, corporate, military and government clients across industry sectors safeguard their innovation assets.

Subscription Managed Services to Meet Your Requirements

Service Bundle A

Research Security Risk Controls Framework Implementation 

Service Bundle B

Conflicts of Interest (COI) Risk Management Package

Service Bundle C

Investigation Management and Support Package

Service Bundle D

Internal Foreign-Influence Risk Detection and Response Package

Service Bundle E

Internal Researcher Awareness Training Package

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