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Every day, research organizations create knowledge that leads to new technologies and commercial products that fuel the global economy.

And every day, outside influences attempt to gain access to that knowledge and exploit the countless hours of labor and hard-earned funds that research organizations have invested in their research programs.

Research programs today face a multitude of threats to their intellectual property as foreign nations go to great lengths to target researchers with access to the information they seek.

What can you do to protect your organization and your research? Arm your researchers, research support staff, compliance and HR experts, and other internal stakeholders with an in-depth understanding of security threats by enrolling in the Research Security Management Certificate Program.

Trust Farm, a Pamir company, has teamed up with the Texas A&M University System Research Security Office to bring you an online five-hour certificate program that provides insight into lessons we have learned from managing over four thousand, five hundred insider threat investigations.

The program leverages expertise gained from decades of security management experience in safeguarding intellectual property and research assets from foreign influence activities, including Global Talents Recruitment Programs.

This online certificate program is available year-round and will teach your employees, contractors, and external partners how to effectively counter elicitation attempts, deter foreign influence attacks, and avoid conflicts of interest that can put your research programs at risk.

The program also promotes a culture of compliance with internal research security policies that will safeguard research data, trade secrets, and other proprietary information from misuse, loss, theft, and misappropriation.

The cost to enroll in the Research Security Management Certificate Program is only $975 per registration and enterprise-level pricing is available to existing Trust Farm and Pamir clients.

Visit rso.tamus/certificate for more details and to invest in protecting your research today.

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