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Interested in safeguarding your IP, research data, and other proprietary information assets?

We help organizations across industry, government, and academic sectors.

We are the leading provider of Insider Threat Management-as-a-Service (ITMaaS) solutions that help organizations of all sizes identify, assess, investigate, and mitigate risks associated with the misuse, loss, theft, and misappropriation of research data, trade secrets, Intellectual Property (IP), and other proprietary information.


Why Use IPTalons™

Years of Experience & Deep Knowledge

IPTalons™ supplements your interest research security and compliance team with experienced analysts and Subject Matter Experts. We are your guides in navigating your program through the maturity curve to ensure long term program success.

We save your program from excessive headcount and expenses.


We partner with you to bring best-in-class research security practices.

We help you become a peer-recognized leader in research security.

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Research Security and Compliance Programs require planning and execution. We can support your program journey with tailored managed services.




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