DALLAS – January 25, 2023 – IPTalons (“the Company”), a leading insider threat research security and compliance managed service provider to industry, research universities, and U.S. government agencies, today announced the appointment of Kevin R. Gamache, Ph.D. to its board of directors. Gamache is a dedicated security executive with expertise in establishing and leading comprehensive programs and strategies to protect academic research, information, and assets.

“Dr. Gamache is uniquely suited to influence the development and future scope of the Company’s global research and technology managed service platform,” said Allen Phelps, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of IPTalons. “His deep knowledge of the complex and ever-evolving global security threats impacting businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies will be invaluable to the Company, and we are very pleased to welcome him to our board.”

Dr. Gamache is Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Research Security Officer for The Texas A&M University System. In this capacity, he is responsible for ensuring the eleven universities and eight state agencies within the A&M System comply with U.S. government requirements for protecting sensitive federal information. He is also the Associate Director of Texas A&M’s Global Cyber Research Institute. Prior to that, Dr. Gamache served 24 years in the U.S. Air Force where he handled a wide range of command, nuclear operations, maintenance, logistics, and counter-proliferation assignments.

“As businesses across the world face increasing risk of security threats, it is paramount they have a robust system in place to protect their data and innovations,” said Dr. Gamache. “Allen and the team at IPTalons have created solutions that help businesses stay on the forefront of critical regulatory compliance requirements, and I look forward to working closely with Allen and the rest of the board to further enhance their suite of services.”

About IPTalons, Inc.

IPTalons protects intellectual property and trade secrets, inventions, and internal expertise against espionage conducted by governments, competitors, and criminal enterprises. The Company’s Innovation Protection Platform (IPP) and Managed Services Offering are designed to enable clients to comply with emerging federal research security guidelines and federal regulations, and to monitor, identify, investigate, and remediate insider risks and conflicts of interest in research programs. For more information, visit IPTalons.com or follow IPTalons on LinkedIn.


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