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Trust Farm. Safeguard Innovation.

If you work for a pharmaceutical, biotechnology, contract research organization, medical device company, or a company involved in research and development, you know that your trade secrets and other proprietary information assets are extremely valuable.

You may not know, however, that there are people actively trying to steal your trade secrets, and those threats are
closer than you think. There are insider threats stealing information from your company right now.
At least 5% of the people working inside your company are working for someone else, and that can be catastrophic to your R&D pipeline.

Your company relies on invention and innovation to create value for your stakeholders and deliver on your promises made to patients, investors, and employees. You must protect your information assets. Trust Farm is an enterprise security risk management, ESRM company that specializes in the design, development and implementation of innovation trade secret protection programs that protect your valuable information assets from loss, theft and misappropriation. We know how to safeguard your R&D efforts from all categories of insider and outsider threats

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Trust Farm. Safeguard Innovation.

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