Intellectual Property Protection

Safeguard Your Organization from Research Theft, Loss, or Misappropriation

The Problem

Lack of Enterprise-Wide Research Security Management Protocols

Innovation is everywhere in your organization. The process of identifying, cataloging, and allocating resources to safeguarding trade secrets, research data, and other proprietary information can be overwhelming. We’re here to help.


Subscription-based Enterprise Research Security Management Programs

Every research organization has intellectual property and research data security needs that are unique to your industry, products, research methods, research funding sources, and the structure of your organization. We will help you find the right intellectual property protection program that has the key features you need. Check out just a few features of the Cybertalons solutions available to you below.


Innovation Protection Services


Training and Communication Campaigns


Inventor Watch™ and Inventor Check™ Reports

Innovation Protection Services

Cybertalons provides subscription-based IT solutions that help clients design, develop, implement, and manage intellectual property protection programs. The subscription model allows clients to receive the subject matter expertise and coaching needed to establish their own research security management solutions without taking on excessive costs or building new internal infrastructure.

Our subscription model solutions include:

  • Research Security Management Program Charters
  • Governance Models and Implementation Guides
  • Customizable Compliance Policies and Procedures
  • Content for Training and Awareness Campaigns
  • Incident Management Protocols
  • Investigation Standards and Risk Remediation Options

Training and Communication Campaigns

Cybertalons provides training programs and communication campaigns that help promote a culture of compliance that rewards champions for safeguarding your research organization’s inventions and innovations from insider and outsider threats to trade secrets, research data, and other proprietary information. The content for our research security training programs and communication campaigns promote a positive attitude and sense of shared responsibility for compliance with the measures put in place to safeguard innovation. Cybertalons can assist in the development of training and awareness initiatives that promote employee understanding of the threats facing researchers and research organizations and engage the workforce in identifying their research program’s most valuable assets, restoring research integrity, promoting ethical decisions, and reporting foreign influence attacks and other types of nefarious attempts to steal from their life’s work.

Check out our Research Security Management Certificate Program
Cybertalon’s groundbreaking Research Security Management Certificate Program is available to clients at a discount rate.


Cybertalon’s proprietary Inventor Watch™ Services and Inventor Check™ Reports are premium features available to your research organization through our subscription models.

About the Inventor Watch™ Report

Did you know researchers’ public information is being used against you by foreign influences? Protect your researchers by staying one step ahead of the nefarious competitors who will resort to nefarious methods of stealing research data, such as false-flag collaborations and misleading research competitions. Cybertalon’s proprietary Inventor Watch Report is a relational mapping of your research organization’s professional network through analysis of open source publications, including patent application disclosures, academic literature citations, and other peer-to-peer publications.

About the Inventor Check™ Report

The Inventor Check Report is a premium offering research organizations can opt into as part of a subscription. This assessment report identifies suspicious and potentially harmful relationships between researchers and known or suspected hostile intelligence or security organizations, competitors, and individuals. These reports are typically utilized post-offer to determine the risk of an inbound trade secret transfer, so specific intervention and training can be assigned to the individual.

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