IPTalons Appoints Carl Taylor Vice President for Academic Engagement

Taylor to lead the Company’s research security effort serving leading research universities


DALLAS – February 6, 2023 – IPTalons (“the Company”), a leading research security and innovation protection and compliance management service provider to research universities, industry, and U.S. government agencies, today announced the appointment of Carl Taylor as Vice President for Academic Engagement. Taylor will be responsible for the Company’s research security services effort supporting leading research universities. Most recently, Taylor was Chief Security Officer and Director, Global Operations & Security (GOS) at the University of Kansas (KU).


While at KU, Taylor was the primary security advisor to the Chancellor, and coordinated all security, investigative, export compliance, and high-risk international activities throughout the seven-campus university system. Taylor provided strategic leadership designed to prevent or mitigate risks to university personnel, information, technology, facilities, and property. He is an Executive Board Member of the Association of University Research Security Professionals and is frequently asked to address U.S. government agencies and the academic community concerning research security risk.


“Carl is uniquely qualified to lead the Company’s global research and technology managed service platform serving universities that are at the forefront of research and innovation and are receiving federal and/or private funding specifically for their academic research.” said Allen Phelps, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of IPTalons.


Taylor has held investigative and operational senior leadership positions, including three joint duty assignments within the U.S. Intelligence Community until his retirement in 2015. Throughout his impressive civil service career, he supervised, directed, and led counterintelligence (CI) operations worldwide to prevent foreign intelligence entities (FIE) from unlawfully acquiring U.S. technology from the National Industrial Base (NIB). In his leadership role in the Insider Threat Program at the Defense Security Service (DSS), he was responsible for identifying and evaluating systemic and non-systemic vulnerabilities and threats directed at the NIB. Taylor also directed and participated in investigations and operations while assigned to a joint terrorism task force. Prior to his civil service career, he was a Commissioned Officer in the Military Intelligence Corps of the U.S. Army.


Taylor stated, “I am excited to apply my experience countering risks from both internal and external actors in order to protect innovative scientific and technological discoveries within academia. I understand the risk environment, compliance issues, and regulatory requirements, as well as the pressure to attract and retain the best researchers and expand research budgets. Universities are very complex working environments, and my experiences working with higher education security professionals, faculty, staff, and students enables me to address complex issues that impact academia.”


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